Eight desirable infrastructure trends to ensure your area makes the grade: Cameron McEvoy

Regular observer Cameron McEvoy believes that overall, investment desirability in an area is heavily dependent on infrastructure.

"There is not one checklist of infrastructure vitals you need to investigate when considering an investment property purchase, but two", Cameron McEvoy wrote.

Yesterday, we covered Cameron McEvoy's checklist of eight vital infrastructure signs to ensure your area stacks up.

Today are his desirable infrastructure for an area. 

"The second list, ‘Area Desirables’ are just that, the ‘nice-to-have’ factors that can – and do – persuade prospective tenants to choose one suburb over a similar suburb to live in," Cameron McEvoy wrote.

Infrastructure Checklist – Area Desirables:

-          Prestigious education facilities (beyond basic, so esteemed schools/universities with a good reputation)

-          Nearby national parks & hiking trails

-          Hospital facilities that provide sophisticated surgeries & procedures

-          Bustling local entertainment venues (abundance of restaurant choices/cultures, popular nightspots)

-          Proximity to premium entertainment & sports venues (for big concerts, major sporting calendar events)

-          Provision of adequate parking nearby to transport nodes

Cameron McEvoy is a NSW-based property investor and maintains a blog, Property Correspondent.

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