Is this the cheapest block of land in mainland Australia?

Is this the cheapest block of land in mainland Australia?
Is this the cheapest block of land in mainland Australia?

A South Australian block may just be one of the cheapest blocks of land in the country, according to Ray White Adelaide’s David McWilliams, who is selling the block.

Noting he hasn’t sold a property this cheap before, with a $34,000 price guide for Wedge Island’s Lot 69 Port Lincoln, he says that it has the potential to build a holiday home on the island that sits just off South Australia’s coast.

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The island itself was used as a World War II lookout.

“The views are remarkable - similar to Kangaroo Island, all you can see is ocean for miles and miles. The surrounding environment is untouched and undeveloped. This spot is the perfect provides the perfect escape to the stresses of everyday life,” said McWilliams.

The block is 1,300 square metres in size and 165 kilometres west of Adelaide, accessible by boat or plane.

“There are only six properties on the entire island and owners are given a share in the island’s homestead. Purchasing allotment 69 will entitle you to access to the homestead, all vehicles, boats, the jetty, airstrip and equipment on the island,” McWilliams said. The homestead is offered on a first come, first served basis.

“A seal colony basks on the rocks at one end of the beach and penguins nestle in the caves and crevices at the other. Rock wallabies can be found on the cliffs, while ospreys hover in the sky overhead,” he noted.

Emus and a hairy nosed wombat are also in residence.

So we’re asking – is this really the cheapest block of land in a mainland Australian state or territory? If you’ve seen something comparable for cheaper, hairy-nosed wombat or no hairy-nosed wombat, comment below. 

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke was a property writer at Property Observer

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