Shoreline design details: Five minutes with BDA Architecture on the luxury Gold Coast development

The design of Shoreline's podium was inspired by the architectural works of the Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto

Shoreline design details: Five minutes with BDA Architecture on the luxury Gold Coast development
Shoreline's living space. Image supplied

The luxury Gold Coast tower Shoreline, to be located between Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach, will be one of the most striking buildings on the Gold Coast when it is completed in late 2022.

The design of Shoreline's podium was inspired by the architectural works of the Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto, creating a rhythm reflective of the natural waves of the Gold Coast foreshore.

Urban recently spoke with BDA Architecture's Patrik Pelikan to discuss the design details of Shoreline.

JR: What was the brief from Marquee for Shoreline? 

PP: BDA has established a meaningful relationship with Marquee Development Partners over the last three projects. For past projects, Marquee and BDA have worked together to create a standalone and significant design outcome specific to the location.

The brief for Shoreline was to create luxury apartments without compromise, that take full advantage of the panoramic views whilst respecting the unique character of Old Burleigh Road and its Norfolk Pine colonnade.

In an urban context, Marquee’s ambition was to activate and embellish the southern laneway to anchor the project within the cultural fabric of the Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise.

JR: What interested you most about the project?

PP: Every design process is a journey of discovery and innovation. In the beginning this meant we focused on the spatial planning of the unit plans. Maximising view lines, whilst adding extra width to the apartments by introducing a modulated party wall.

Within the urban context we wanted to protect the existing Norfolk Pines within the street frontage, whilst breathing new life into the Laneway.

Shoreline design details: Five minutes with BDA Architecture on the luxury Gold Coast development

JR: Where did you take your inspiration from? Did any previous projects/works jump to mind?

PP: We generally start with a blank canvas and explore different strategies during at the concept stage. Shoreline has a presence that makes it quite unique, requiring a very site-specific response.

The laneway allowed us to move the buildings core to the far end of the site, providing the opportunity create apartments uninterrupted by a lift/stairs core.

The same logic has sculptured the facades. By placing all the structural elements into the façade skin, the apartments are design free of structural columns.

Maximising the glass frontages opens the views right up towards the city skyline and the ocean side whilst creating clean lines within the facade. The outcome is a well-ordered, soft and slender tower form that focuses on the experience of the spaces within, looking out.

JR: What was the biggest challenge when designing the development?

PP: The ground floor and the podium were clearly the biggest challenge for the Shoreline project. For one we wanted to preserve one if not both of the Norfolk Pines within our street frontage. These trees are a vital part of the unique character of Old Burleigh Road.

On the other hand, the activation and embellishment of the laneway was not supported by the council as we first anticipated. This however opened a new conversation and direction for the project, resulting in an expansion of the program for the communal facilities and strengthening the street presence of the building.

JR: Which is your favourite part of the project?

PP: We are very excited by the apartment layouts and can’t wait to see them take shape.

In a linear progression, the spaces of the apartments are aligned from inland to beachside. At the end of it, you have arrived in a spacious living room with a bespoke ambience amongst the Gold Coast skyline, looking out across the endless Pacific Ocean.

Interestingly however, within the discourse around the street address, we have created this moment where you exit the ground floor street lobby. The screens enclosing this double storey space evoke the moment when you first step out from the filtered views of the vegetation canopy fringe onto the sun-soaked shoreline with its sparkling waves and pristine sands of the Gold Coast beaches. This is one element that everyone living in or visiting Shoreline will experience.

JR: How important were the amenities to the overall development of the project?

PP: Marquee Development Partners is one client that does not compromise on the amenities in their projects. Shoreline residents will have access to the top floor with its amenities including a residents rooftop bar and lounge, a gym and wellness area including sauna and outdoor deck, overlooking the beaches and the Gold Coast skyline.

A north-west facing pool area on level four, with incorporated screen planting will provide a secluded and shaded area to relax and enjoy the coastal breezes whilst having a dip.

Within the discussion of the street activation, a communal office space has been introduced and linked to the double storey lobby, allowing the residents to work from a corporate like environment close to home.

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Joel Robinson

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