Queensland police work with real estate agents to uncover backyard drug labs

Queensland police have recruited real estate agents to crack down on illegal drug laboratories, as reported by the ABC.

Rental property managers will undergo a training program which will teach them how to spot illegal activity, and potentially collect evidence during property inspections.

A detective from Brisbane’s drug squad Senior Sergeant Geoff Marsh says investigators have uncovered a record number of backyard drug labs this year in Queensland alone.

The ABC report added that the number of small-scale drug manufacturers operating from rental properties is increasing, so as to avoid having their own homes seized if apprehended by authorities.

Police say real estate agents are able to inspect these properties on a regular basis and are therefore encouraged to carry out some detective work on their behalf.

However, real estate agents worry about the repercussions of reporting their tenants.

They have been assured at training sessions that the information they provide is anonymous and the police “follow through discreetly”.


Diane Leow

Diane Leow

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