Townsville Port's $85m overhaul open for business

Townsville has welcomed in a new wharf and port facilities which will be used by tourist and military visitors.

The $85 million overhaul could be just the start of a redevelopment with the recent announcement of the draft Queensland Ports strategy which identified five Queensland ports which would be up for redevelopment.

The 400 crew of the American guided-missile cruiser USS Chosin were the first scheduled visitors to the site today.

The overhaul will improve visitor experiences as well as increase the port’s cargo capability.

“The port is one of Queensland’s most important, handling everything from stock and agricultural produce to retail and industrial cargo as well as meeting a host of defence needs,” transport minister Scott Emerson says.

“The Newman Government is investing in infrastructure for the port because we realise just how important it is, not just to the people of Townsville but communities right through northern and western Queensland.”

Ports in Brisbane, Mackay/Hay Point, Gladstone, Townsville and Abbot Point would be declared Priority Port Development Areas where development will be concentrated and encouraged, under the draft policy released on Thursday.

Alistair Walsh

Alistair Walsh

Deutsche Welle online reporter

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