Unit owners encouraged to look at bill-reduction techniques

Property owners with apartments are being urged to look towards solar power to help reduce power bills in unit complexes, with body corporate committees showing signs of reluctance, according to Archers Body Corporate Management.

With solar a potentially viable option for reducing personal and strata energy costs, director of Archers Body Corporate Management, Sharon Withford, said that unit owners need to have a defined approach before approaching their body corporate.

“System cost is often the most disputed factor among unit owners in the solar decision-making process,” Withford said. 

The committee should investigate and shop around for the best price and system available and then recommend the appropriate system for approval at a general meeting, she said.

“The committee needs to be thoroughly involved in this research and must work to keep all owners informed of the benefits of solar to the building.”

The placement of panels, structure and aesthetics in a range of weather conditions are absolutely crucial considerations.

“There have been cases where the weight of the panels or the method of attachment has been detrimental to the building and panels have come unstuck in wild weather," she said.

The savings results of implementing solar power can significantly vary.

“The pay-off period can vary quite dramatically based on system size and the building’s total energy usage.

“To find the right system for your complex, it’s best to contact a solar provider and obtain a proposal that’s tailored to your building," Withford said.

Top questions to ask when looking to install solar:

· What system is the best for your building, including the type and size of solar panels?

· Will the panels or system affect the aesthetics of the building?

· Will the system be covered under the body corporate’s insurance policy?

· What is the warranty on the system?

· Does the system need to be maintained? If it does the body corporate may need to implement an annual maintenance plan to keep the system maintained.

· What is the lifespan of the system?

Source: Archers Body Corporate Management

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke was a property writer at Property Observer

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