Queensland building and construction data disproves "sky is falling" rhetoric.: ACIF

The popular rhetoric that ‘the sky is falling’ on Queensland building and construction can’t be sourced back to fact, as data on upcoming demand shows good signs of an uplift in sentiment.

Industry forecasts by Australian Construction Industry Forum show that Queensland is one of several states where the overall trend across all building and construction work is positive.


Some areas of work will need to get through some moderation in the short term, however, the outlook for the next decade is up,’’ VCIF executive director Peter Barda says.

‘’It is true that engineering construction has peaked, however the decline still leaves this sector at a historically high level even beyond 2022, so there is plenty of work yet to be done,’’ he says.

‘’The rate of growth in Queensland residential building work will outpace all other states, with forecast growth to be considerably higher than the aggregated Rest of Australia results.’’

Non-residential building work, which for most states is forecast to remain flat over the next few years, will enjoy sustained growth over the longer term in Queensland.

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