Mascot Towers started legal proceedings last year over cracks

Mascot Towers started legal proceedings last year over cracks
Mascot Towers started legal proceedings last year over cracks

The owners of evacuated residential tower Mascot Towers in Sydney, who face an immediate $1 million rectification levy, decided last year to take legal action against the developer of an adjoining building ALAND Developments and Bayside Council seeking compensation for slip-joint defects.

Owners started the process of pursuing ALAND in the middle of 2018 to rectify cracks in the building and units said to be caused by the construction of the neighbouring apartment building Peak Towers at 27 Church Avenue.

The building management issued an update on Monday, saying that meetings are organised for Thursday to discuss reports about the structure.

The email confirmed that a claim on the building's insurance policy for temporary accommodation had been declined, as many of the Mascot Towers residents remain in limbo since Friday's evacuation.

Last Thursday Mascot Tower residents received a notice from Strata Choice outlining that planned installation of temporary building propping to help fix "a slip joint defect" in the car park had been brought forward.

But on Friday evening Mascot Tower residents received a second notice saying units would need to be evacuated that night by 9pm.

The building was constructed in 2008, more than six years ago, meaning owners are not covered under building and construction warranty.

The Mascot Towers, designed by architect Krikis Tayler and developed by the Elias family, sits above the train station, but State Transport confirmed there was no impact on the Airport rail line or Mascot train station below the complex.

The Daily Telegraph reported details of the special levy on the 122 apartments that will 'perform urgent repair and maintenance."


Mascot Towers Building Warranty

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