The Block Gatwick penthouses both for rent

The Block Gatwick penthouses both for rent
The Block Gatwick penthouses both for rent

Both of The Block Gatwick penthouses have been listed for rent.

They were both bought by the same person, Melbourne construction digital entrepreneur Rob Phillpot, at the live auction in late October.

He spent $2,859,000 on the penthouse renovated by Brisbane couple, radio presenter Jess and her husband Norm, then followed up the purchase buying the adjoining apartment of the netball duo Bianca and Carla for $2,991,000.

Phillpot, who only inspected the apartments two days before the auction, has now listed the penthouses for short-term stays.

Despite spending less on their apartment, Phillpot is asking $681 a night for Jess and Norm's apartment (above), more than the $623 a night for Bianca and Carla's (below).

The Block Gatwick penthouses both for rent

There have been 170 views of the property in the past week on the TripAdvisor listing, however there are yet to be any reviews.

It advises that pets and smoking aren't allowed. 

Despite holding the best positions in the building, Bianca and Carla finished fourth in the competition, taking home $301,000 in prize money.

Jess and Norm finished last with only $209,000 of prize money, nearly a third less than winners Hayden and Sara's $645,000 total winnings.

Phillpot, the co-founder of Aconex, didn't watch a single episode of the show. 




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Joel Robinson

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