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Imagine walking through the front door of your brand new home: there’s spacious living areas, impressive views and no need to worry about mowing the lawn or cleaning the pool.

This is apartment living at its best.

Architect Nick Turner from award-winning firm Turner gives an insight into living at Esplanade on Norwest Lake where expansive apartments are complemented by resident-only amenities such as an infinity pool, gym, outdoor cinema, landscaped terraces as well as a waterfront retail and dining precinct on your doorstep.

What excites you most about the design of Esplanade?

A great deal of attention has been given to designing Esplanade so residents enjoy the best of both worlds – modern apartment living and the benefits that come with a low-maintenance lifestyle while literally being above vibrant restaurants and a waterfront public plaza.

We know that many people want to enjoy the benefits that come with waterfront dining and a bustling boardwalk but they also want to relax in peace in their brand new apartments. That’s why we’ve designed Esplanade so the apartments are separated from the active ground floor in elevated towers.

The apartments start on the fifth storey of Esplanade on the landscaped terrace and the towers are set back from the edges of this podium level to create a physical barrier to the activity and noise from the waterfront and public plaza below. Essentially, residents can take advantage of living in a vertical village that offers the convenience of living above retail and dining while still enjoying a relaxing and peaceful lifestyle in one of Esplanade’s sky towers. 

You’ve described Esplanade as a “vertical village”. Can you explain what you mean by that?

The all-in-one nature of Esplanade really is what helps define it as a vertical village. There is a diverse mix of apartments, a host of resident-only amenities, three levels of boutique workspaces, waterfront dining and retails areas as well as a public boardwalk: everything you need to make everyday life more convenient and enjoyable.

But I think a vertical village is about more than just the physical spaces. Esplanade has also been designed to help foster a sense of community among its residents. From the landscaped communal terrace and extensive barbecue areas, to the putting green, outdoor cinema, pool club and gym, these high-quality amenities all encourage socialisation and relaxation where neighbours can get to know each other in the vertical village.

Esplanade really allows for contemporary living where residential, retail, commercial and dining combine for better quality of life. 

Sydneysiders love outdoor living. How can Esplanade residents enjoy the Australian inside/outside lifestyle usually afforded by traditional homes?

Something quite unique about Esplanade is that each apartment has an extra-large balcony, forming a seamless transition to the outside from the internal living spaces.

We know that people in The Hills are proud of their area being known as the Garden Shire and they really enjoy the benefits of outdoor living: enjoying a glass of wine or a nice meal in the fresh air after a long day at work.

Even in the winter months, Sydneysiders don’t like to feel cooped up inside. That’s why we’ve designed the apartments to be quite spacious and wide – they are large in scale which helps promote excellent views and connections to the outside.

And don’t forget all the incredible outdoor amenities waiting for the residents on the podium level – the whole of Esplanade is their home and they can enjoy the facilities without worrying about the maintenance of traditional houses.

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