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Did you know statistics show that over 62 percent of property owner’s under-claim their property tax depreciation allowances and many don't even claim them at all!

Property Tax Depreciation is vital, it's a property investor's secret weapon for better cash flow and yet sadly it’s widely misunderstood. And this is why Napier & Blakeley give you NBtax. 

NBtax, an online property tax depreciation service uses innovative technology to access Napier & Blakeley's specialist property tax depreciation consultants. NBtax means investment property owners can start the process quickly and easily without the need to spend too much time going to and fro.

Once you submit the required information, our expert teams of Quantity Surveyors get on with tailoring your property tax depreciation schedule, setting you up for the depreciable life of your investment.

With decades of property tax depreciation experience, Napier & Blakeley are ideally positioned to provide specialist services, helping investors maximise their depreciation claims while being ATO compliant.

Property tax depreciation is calculated on two different aspects of your asset, Depreciating Assets and Building Allowances. Depreciating Assets include plant and equipment, things like carpets, lifts, appliances and white goods. Building Allowances are primarily based on the building and structure of your asset.

We, Napier & Blakeley, were the first in Australia to provide professional, specialised property tax depreciation advice, and now over 30 years later we’re still the market leaders. A professional property tax depreciation schedule can boost your cash flow potentially by tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your investment.

Yet so many property owners stumble. A simple lack of knowledge and the specialist nature of property tax depreciation means investors often under-claim and at times even avoid the process missing out on thousands. Unfortunately many investors rely on their financial advisors or generic advisors who really cannot dissect a property and its component parts and, they may not maximise the potential benefits.

Remember that no property is too old or small to benefit from a professionally prepared property tax deprecation schedule. Whether it be commercial, residential or industrial, brand new, renovated or just old, every investment property has the potential to further increase your cash-flow. There's hard cash sitting there waiting to be claimed. It's just a matter of taking the first step in the right direction, and that's where NBtax comes in.

Combining the latest in digital innovation with years of specialist experience, it's the best of both worlds, we make life easier for investors in a time poor world.

NBtax combines cloud-based data management with our specialist experience.  With an NBtax property depreciation schedule for your investment you’re able to relax and know that we’ve got your back. Our Quantity Surveyors are some of the most experienced in the industry and their objective is to produce a maximised property tax depreciation schedule tailored to your investment.

It's a wise move, an easy process. More cash and peace of mind – the best of both worlds with NBtax.

Contact one of our specialists for further information.

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