Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In response to Terry Ryder's article published on Property Observer on July 9.

I have respected Terry for many years as an industry commentator - and still do.  I am appreciative, however, to have the opportunity to share a few things with Property Observer readers following Terry's 9 July article in which he discusses myself and my business.

Prior to beginning my property investment journey back in the early 2000s, I had very little. Through motivation, self-education (reading industry articles written by the likes of Terry for example) and the support and guidance of a trusted few, I went from strength to strength. I'm now recognised as one of the most successful property investors in Australia under 40 - which still amazes me when I think back to where I started. Having achieved this new life for myself, the obvious next step to me was to share everything I had learnt over the years with others, so that they too could create better lives for themselves.

As a property investment mentor and coach, establishing and preserving my clients' trust is absolutely paramount. Without this trust, I would not have seen my property business experience such incredible growth over the past five years.  

I value honesty and integrity above all else and these values are instilled in my company and my team. I am committed to providing accurate, informative market information to my clients to help them in their decision making processes and education, and I am transparent in terms of my company's commercial interests. 

While I have market expertise in the resources towns of WA's northwest, it is by no means limited or restricted to these areas - my company is also active in Perth, Queensland and NSW.  We strongly promote diversification in all our clients' property portfolios and many of my blogs and articles have highlighted the importance of this.

Further, my approach to coaching - and the approach of my business - is founded on the rigorous risk and financial assessment of all our clients. No two clients are the same and strategies are tailored as such. 

My opinions on where investors should and shouldn't be looking to invest are based on my expert knowledge of these areas - and each article clearly states the risks involved.

Terry Ryder did not refer to the relevant person by name in his article, so Property Observer chose to publish this letter of response anonymously. 

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