Renting out a car space without approval? It may be illegal

Renting out a car space without approval? It may be illegal
Renting out a car space without approval? It may be illegal

It's becoming increasingly popular - renting out an unused parking space or garage and cashing in on your vacant space.

In inner city areas, and areas where parking is tight, this can be potentially lucrative.

However, it might also be illegal in some areas - with Brisbane City Council warning against it, suggesting that fines and even a court visit might be in order for those doing it.

The Courier Mail recently reported that a council spokesperson said that there had been eight complaints about 'black-market car parks' in the past year, but that enforcement notices had rectified the problem.

“If a car park is not used for the primary purpose of the property – for example, a home or an office – and the space is being charged for use, under the Brisbane City Plan 2000 a car park application is necessary,” the spokesperson told The Courier Mail.

However, despite this, it isn't actually a new revelation.

In 2012, in the Brisbane Times, they looked at the same issue. A Brisbane City spokesperson also said that it's cut and dry "illegal".

“If a resident is charging someone to park their vehicle on private property, they are essentially operating a business," they were told.

“This business would be defined as a car park under the City Plan [and] all commercial carparks require city planning approval.”

Despite this, car park renting continues to swell in Brisbane with many believing that they do not have to notify anyone of the arrangement.

In 2012, start-up founder Daniel Battaglia was in a similar argument with a mayor in Western Australia.

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke was a property writer at Property Observer

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