Video: How to decorate your home for Xmas

We all love a bit of Youtube, particularly when it comes to getting inspiration for putting up decorations or doing anything crafty or DIY-related. When it comes to getting your home ready for Christmas (and a quick FYI for those not looking at their calendars - you have four days!), it's worth seeing what help you can get from the online community.

Here's some free inspiration to help you along.


For the house proud

This video has interior designer, Rebecca Robeson, take you through her home and her Christmas decorating. While the video is from 2012, the tips are timeless. We'll warn ahead, this may not necessarily be for the time poor, although it's beautiful and very tastefully put together.

"During the holidays, I like to bring Christmas throughout my entire home," Robeson says in the video. She's not kidding - every surface has a Christmas candle, cushion or decoration. This certainly won't be for those on a tight budget, but if you're entertaining, or hosting some sort of event, this may be right up your street.

Her home is there to tell a story, from when you put your keys down to when you walk through. Her colour theme is Winter White, Snow White, gold and touches of turquoise. We're not quite sure what the difference between winter and snow white is, but it looks good.

"I even change my pillows for this time of year," she says, pointing to her subtle design - including snow flakes hung in front of a ten foot tall mirror with LED lights to give the sense it's snowing indoors.

{qtube vid:=TZADnkwNEO8}


For the artsy

Slightly more upbeat, and something that can probably be done as a family, this video is about how to make wreaths out of dollar shop Christmas ornaments, a bit of ribbon and a wire coat hanger.

It's pretty quick and fantastic, and the instructions are very clear.

{qtube vid:=ZKIPYpOgD3g}


For those on a budget (room by room)

This video is all about re-use and clever use of colour and thrift shop items to get the biggest impact. We particularly like the 'Christmas bar' idea using the bookcase.

{qtube vid:=H7VB6d9lwA8}

If ypu're after even more DIY tips, then there's a series of videos, starting with one from FAWN, who shows you how to glam up your home on the cheap. He suggests bringing the outside in with pinecones, glitter and use twigs. There are also some good tips on placing fairylights and candles around your home. Other videos in the set looking at making your own wreaths on the cheap and making winter votives.


For the time poor

If you're looking for quick Christmas decorations around your home, and aren't looking to necessarily spend an arm and a leg, then there are plenty of options for you too.

This video includes some quick tips (even looking at how mood lighting can help), combined with some slightly more time-consuming tasks (planting little trees, for instance). It also looks at using scents, such as spicy cinnamon, to bring in the Christmas feel.

{qtube vid:=YgXHKIRk0O4}


Finally, sit back and enjoy

{qtube vid:=D30s2XqiXLI}


Snap some photos of your holiday decorations and send them in.

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke was a property writer at Property Observer

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