Last minute gifts for real estate enthusiasts

It's the last week of Christmas and if you haven't bought everything you needed to (don't worry, we're likely the same), then you're in luck.

Property enthusiasts aren't always the easiest to buy for - unless they've asked for something specific for interior decoration, or you're rich enough to buy them a property for the festive season - so we've compiled a list of "what to get" your property loving friend.

1) Books

While some see books as the 'worst' gift, others really value them - particularly when selected carefully. While you could buy them something educational, such as the number of titles that fall on the 'Property Investing' shelf in a number of bookstores (such as Dymocks), sometimes it's nice to get something just-because as well.

Here are some of my personal favourites that recently jumped onto my list.

Fashion House by Megan Hess fell into my collection during a romp through the Penthouse at South Yarra. Each visitor was given a copy, and this gladly graces my bookcase at the moment. The stunning book includes lovely illustrations from Hess (who is famously known for the Sex And The City covers) of interiors. She covers fashion-brad homes, such as Versace, as well as styles and feelings e.g. bohemian and converted warehouse styles. It's truly beautiful.

Mulitudes by HASSELL was another that I acquired. Heading over to the book launch to speak with the architects themselves, it was amazing how much of the team's heart and soul was poured into this very hefty 75-year-anniversary tome. The photos through time really did it for me. Seeing landmarks in Sydney and Melbourne in the book that make you suddenly look around you and think 'someone actually designed this building I'm standing in right now and it didn't even occur to me' was a great experience. For instance, the Parramatta Interchange and the Qantas Terminal. For all architecture fans and those just curious about the built world around them.

Regency House Styles by Trevor Yorke is a slim stocking-filler sized volume that is easily purchased online (check shipping times). It has hand-drawn illustrations, gorgeous depictions of different British properties, and if you're designing a home then this is a perfect option for you.

2) Vouchers

Yep, a bit of a cop out, we know, however every time I ask my parents (or other house proud people) what they'd like then some sort of voucher comes up. Consider places like Bunnings (my Dad's favourite, and great as it's basically an all-rounder option) where you can also grab a copy of Handyman magazine to add to the gift, Masters or even Ikea.

Unfortunately, the Victoria's Basement gift card section on their website is still 'coming soon' or I'd quickly add that to the list too.

3) Online subscriptions and software

You can get Property Observer for free (so we're assuming they've already subscribed!) but there are a range of online search engines and portals that require paid access. You might want to ask them for their preference, and they can often be costly, but for an up and coming property investor this is the ultimate gift of information.

Software can also be another one to consider. While many people are keen on using simple excel systems and also keep track using their iPads and smart phones, others are big on pre-designed systems that do it all for you.

4) Redballoon ideas

Redballoon is excellent for a number of reasons. There's plenty of choice, it's quick, it's easy and they provide somewhat helpful categories. Property-lover, however, isn't one of them. They do have a House and Garden category though.

Depending on the style of your loved one, colleague or friend, you may want to consider one of the following. Remember, you can always shop around further on the internet, regularly gift hunters use Redballoon for ideas.

A home handyman or gardener for a set period of time.

Stone sculptures for your house or garden that you get taught to make yourself.

There's anything from floristry workshops to home cooking help and gingerbread homes pre-made. You can even book in for holidays at some of the beautiful mansions across the country (why not).

5) Games and frippery

We don't want to be serious all the time. For investors, it might be a Monopoly board (who doesn't want to play with houses and hotels?), you might get them a ticket to one of the numbers of property raffles across the country (make sure it complys with the rules first) or head over to Board Game Geek to find some more. Prize Property, the 1974 board game, for instance is all about developing, and there are a number of others listed.

6) DVDs

Many of our readers are enthusiasts of The Block, and so a box set from JB HiFi might just be the helpful solution you need. Don't forget other series such as Location, Location, Location Australia, as well as overseas counterparts. One of our favourites is UK's Changing Rooms (1996 to 2004), and we also love Grand Designs.

What did you get your fellow property enthusiasts for Christmas? (Even if they're not property related gifts, we still want to know!)

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke was a property writer at Property Observer

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