Property trivia: Cricket players, expensive sales and sued landlords

1) A landlord was sued $300,000 over the collapse of a rental's balcony in which Melbourne suburb?

2) Which observer recently referred to the "assassination" of the National Housing Supply Council as a "mercy killing"?

3) What was the price expectation for this Albany, WA holiday resort (pictured below), referred to as the "most beautiful"?
Hint: It's a lot


4) After a three-year planning battle, a historic Melbourne hotel was given the 'green light' this week for development plans. What was the property (pictured below) called?


5) Which ex-cricket star, with his wife, is selling the below Mardi home (pictured below) on the NSW Central Coast to move-on just nearby?


6) After trying the normal "nice" way of selling a property, one vendor gave up. He ended up advertising it to drug dealers. But in which state was the property (pictured below)?


Note: Property does not come with Bryan Cranston.

7) And in which state has the first home owner's grant for new properties been jacked up to $30,000?
Hint: That's 10% of the current state-wide median reported by RP Data

8) This Surry Hills, Sydney warehouse fetched $5.7 million at auction. How much was this shy of the suburb's record?


Read over page for the answers

1) Frankston South

2) Terry Ryder

3) $20 million+

4) Beaumaris Hotel

5) Mark Waugh

6) South Australia

7) Tasmania

8) $10,000




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