Property Trivia: How close were you watching this week?

1) Which Melbourne suburb is to feature two new boutique apartments on the same street?

2) Which development features a life-like experience at its display suite? 

3) Where is the potentially haunted Bushranger Hotel located?

4) What is the name of the bankrupt car dealer whose mortgagee secured $7.2 million?

5) Who was featured in our ‘Day of the life’ section this week?

6) Which area is nearing its 2010 peak?

7) Who does Terry Ryder say Australian’s should fear?

8) What does HIA urge the federal government to scrap?

9) Gladstone median rents have been recording falls of up to how much? 

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  1. Hawthorn East
  2. S.T.K
  3. Collector, NSW
  4. Rick Damelian
  5. A Locksmith
  6. Waverley
  7. Developers marketing to Chinese buyers
  8. Carbon Tax
  9. $120
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