In profile: Ray White Retail's director of retail investments, Mark Greer


Agent: Mark GreerMark-Greer-Profile-pic

Position: Director – Retail Investments

Company: Ray White Retail

Office Location: Brisbane    

How long have you been in the industry?

Over 25 Years  

What’s happening in the area you specialise in?

The only certainty in retail is change. The impact of online retailing has required retailers to continue to adapt their model, creating new selling and distribution opportunities. Currently online retail represents 6% of all retail sales ($13.5 billion) and growing compared to over $200 billion in traditional retail sales.

The retail property industry is going through continual evolution reflecting the social, economic and technological changes in society; these changes provide new development and investment opportunities. Some retail outlets embrace this change better than others, for example, specialists vs. generalists. Companies such as Apple with an annual turnover of over $120 billion and growing are outperforming traditional retail outlet such as department stores.

Describe the most interesting property you have sold.

The site located on the corner of Queen, Edward and Adelaide Street we initially sold in receivership which now houses the iconic “Queens Plaza” shopping complex in the heart of the Brisbane CBD. The site included a multitude of tenants and buildings across different titles. A deal needed to be structuredthat allowed the developers to unlock the true potential of the site through a staged development, ultimately maximising the return to the receivers and developers.

What are the ingredients to being successful in your job?

• Listen to the needs of your clients

• Have a true passion for yours, your clients and colleagues’ success

What aspects of your role do you enjoy the most?

Creating new concepts and opportunities to reflect the changes in the market place, whilst working with an enthusiastic and creative team to unlock the full potential of business opportunities.

Where would you invest a spare $750,000?

I would invest in the Gold Coast property market which has recently suffered as a result of the GFC. We believe the Gold Coast property market will rebound as a consequence of the falling interest rates and falling dollar, and ultimately lead to an increase in tourism. It is predicted a subsequent resurgence of the economy will result in due course.

Which football team do you support?

The Queensland Reds

What’s your favourite app or techno gadget?

I live off my iPhone in terms of work, media, photography and entertainment.

How do you use social media?

LinkedIn for business, Twitter for entertainment and news, and Skype for family communication either overseas or interstate. It is very much an evolving interest; subject to the benefits of the various mediums.

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