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Eastern Hill Fire Station

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Text from Walking Melbourne

The National Trust guide to the historic and architectural landmarks of central Melbourne

Eastern Hill Fire Station

Corner Gisborne Street & Victoria Parade


In much of the 19th Century, building owners had to rely on often competing and inefficient private fire brigades. The government finally formed the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in 1891, who held a competition for the design of their headquarters. The building, completed in 1892, was designed by Smith & Johnson in association with Lloyd Tayler & Fitts, and is a fine example of the new Queen Anne style. The Tall tower once commanded panoramic views over Melbourne, allowing fires to be spotted.


Three Edwardian postcards of The Eastern Hill Fire Station.


Recent photographs I've taken of The Eastern Hill Fire Station (Melbourne Fire Museum).


Tower with city in the background. smiley

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From The Age

By John Armstrong

February 19 2003

Transcending interests of social history


Eastern Hill Fire Station

Picture: Penny Stephens

The Melbourne Fire Museum is housed in the old Eastern Hill Fire Station on Victoria Parade, East Melbourne.


A few of the original offices have been preserved: the boardroom is reminiscent of a grand, but slightly shabby, 19th-century dining room. The small "alarm room" is especially attractive: the cumbersome communications system is housed in a lovely old mahogany cabinet. One is drawn back into a world which did not yet possess the idea of office furniture, so the fittings and fixtures were derived from domestic models.


The Fire Museum is open on Fridays and Sundays, 10.00am-4pm

I collect, therefore I am. thecollectormm.com.au

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