Savills research finds Melbourne top ‘tech city’ in Australia

Savills research finds Melbourne top ‘tech city’ in Australia
Savills research finds Melbourne top ‘tech city’ in Australia


Melbourne is the top ranked ‘tech city’ in Australia and 14th in the world offering the infrastructure, business environment, talent pool and lifestyle to make it a strong base for tech companies, according to new Savills research. 

And according to Victoria’s Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, Philip Dalidakis, that is no surprise given the Government’s policy of taking “brand Victoria to the world”.

While US cities dominated the top of the Tech Cities rankings – Austin (Texas) came in at number one followed by San Francisco, New York, and London, according to the Tech Cities 2017 programme - the liveability of cities including Melbourne, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Toronto, placed them above more established global tech rivals.

Savills National Head of Research in Australia, Tony Crabb, said the elevation of ‘liveable’ cities in the rankings centred on their strong performance in terms of ‘buzz and wellness’, factors that were likely to prove increasingly important to the tech industry in decisions on where to locate and on attracting future talent. Melbourne was ranked 8th on this index.

“Everybody here knows Melbourne’s reputation as the world’s most liveable city, a title it has taken for six consecutive years, and so it is not surprising to see how well Melbourne ranked on this metric. 

“That single factor may well prove, more than any other, the most critical factor in further establishing and maintaining Melbourne‘s pre-eminence in what is increasingly one of the most important employment and growth industries in the country,” Mr Crabb said.

The UK report quantified ‘buzz’ (nightlife, entertainment, culture) and ‘wellness’ (pollution levels, quality of parks, healthcare, commuting times) and the cost of living in each location to create a specific ‘city buzz and wellness index’. 

It noted that given the increased focus on physical and mental wellbeing among the latest generation of workers, it could come to dominate their decision-making.

According to Nicky Wightman, Director Savills Worldwide Occupier Services, providing an environment which enables tech companies and start-ups to plug straight into the infrastructure and funding they need to be a success is an important part of any tech city.

“However this alone won’t necessarily make them attractive destinations. Young tech talent increasingly want to live in dynamic, healthy neighbourhoods within walking or cycling distance of the office.

“Cities that deliver those environments are therefore likely to consolidate their positions as destinations for tech talent and occupiers who want to attract the best staff,” Ms Wightman said.

The report’s release follows the Victorian Government’s recent announcement that Texas-based software firm, AgileCraft, would open its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Melbourne.

Mr Dalidakis said AgileCraft was yet another example of a leading global tech company choosing Victoria as an entry point for the Asia-Pacific market.

“Over the past two years we have taken brand Victoria to the world, attracting more and more leading global companies to invest in the state’s booming tech sector,” Mr Dalidakis said.

AgileCraft Chief Executive Officer Steve Elliott said Melbourne’s emerging tech sector and close proximity to Asia made it a perfect location to set up its regional headquarters and expand throughout the Asia Pacific region.

“We consider ourselves to be an innovative company at AgileCraft and the Victorian Government made it clear to us that it is trying to attract innovative businesses to the state, so we look forward to being a part of the Victorian technology ecosystem,” Mr Elliot said.

Savills Tech Cities 2017 Buzz and Wellness Index 

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 Savills research finds Melbourne top ‘tech city’ in Australia

Savills Tech Cities 2017 overall rankings

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Savills research finds Melbourne top ‘tech city’ in Australia     

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