Property marketing tips for hitting the ground running this January: He Said/She Said

Property ObserverJanuary 8, 20150 min read

 Don’t let January slow you down, say our back on deck property commentators Jonathan Chancellor and Margie Blok.

While the real estate market eases off towards the end of the year holiday, especially after an action packed, hectic year for buyers, sellers and agents, sales do continue right up until Christmas Eve, and now throughout January.

So here are some tips on how to make the most of the new year.


  • Follow up on those properties that failed to sell at auction during November and December 2014. The owners of these properties might just be getting a little anxious, especially if they have already bought another property. With their properties languishing on the market for weeks, these vendors could be more willing to now accept a reasonable offer. 
  • Auction clearance rates trended down a tad through Spring, so keep an eye out for those passed in prospects and, where appropriate, put in a tough offer because you never know what sort of pressure a vendor will be under.
  • Use this time to research sale prices of end-of-year listings – the late Spring/early Summer auction market was quite frenetic, so take the time to assess where values now sit, and then you can be knowledgeable about pricing the offers you make.
  • Hot summer weather, and families away on holidays, usually means a decrease in the number of attendees at inspections – so this could work to your advantage because competition for properties in popular price brackets may not be so strong. 
  • Be ready for the next opportunity by creating daily or weekly alerts for new listings on real estate websites.


  • Choose an experienced local agent, who isn’t on their annual ski holiday - along with their hyper executive assistant who isn’t spending all their time on Julian Tobias’s The Island. Hopefully, the agent already knows the likely buyer from their database of unsuccessful bidders at their recent auctions. 
  •  Make the most of your time off in the New Year period to tidy up your property and get it ready for a marketing campaign commencing late January. Spruce up the inside of your home, as well as outside for it’s a lovely time of year to be in the garden. 
  • Take down the Christmas tree, and ensure there is no sign of Christmas decorations in any of the marketing.  
  • If your property failed to sell at auction in the run up to Christmas, instruct your agent to indicate your willingness for extended settlement terms in the  internet advertising of your property, for this could be very attractive for buyers.
  •  Remember the old saying “the early bird catches the worm” – rather than wait until the February auction season, tell your agent to immediately advertise your property as a "forthcoming auction" on the internet because buyers will be on the prowl for the latest offering.
  •  Be mindful, especially with the dollar hovering around the low 80 cent mark: cashed up expats, who are home for holidays, could be house-hunting. 


  •  Although agents may have had an exhausting year, they should be keen for new or repeat business. The local papers are devoid of property advertising, but the internet operates 24/7, and you never know who is around and what they might want to buy or sell.
  • Securing transactions without interfering with your family holiday plans is achievable, especially as most agents now have executive assistants who can do some of the legwork.
  • It can also be a good time to take advantage of social and networking opportunities, so that as the sales year heads towards the early April 2015 Easter break, you’re armed with fresh prospects. Keep networking, but in a relaxed fashion – schedule lunches, drinks or coffee with friends, past clients and vendors.
  • Get back to the office during early January and use the time to stay in touch with your clients by phoning to wish them a Happy New Year. Even if you make just 10 calls each day from Mondays to Fridays, this will add up to a large number of people over four weeks.
  • When you get back to office, update your databases and declutter your computer files, as well as other unnecessary paraphernalia lying around the office. Use this time to organize yourself in readiness for the year ahead. Evaluate your office systems and if these are not supremely efficient, then update software and set up new systems.

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