It's not all about spring: Now is also a great time to buy and sell

It's not all about spring: Now is also a great time to buy and sell
It's not all about spring: Now is also a great time to buy and sell


While many vendors and owners believe that spring is the only ‘golden’ time of the year, the period between now and spring is actually a fantastic period to both buy and sell.

I believe it is important to create a point of difference for a property and importantly, not to compete in an overcrowded and noisy market, as property stock levels increase dramatically in spring.

If you have a challenging property, it is still going to be challenging in spring, perhaps more so as you will be up against so many other standout properties.

We have seen the property market as fairly consistent, month in month out, for the last few years. You don’t have to follow the masses. My advice would be to get in before spring; there are plenty of other times in the year to sell if your property doesn’t tick all the boxes.

We don’t always subscribe to what everyone else does, as the property market is actually quite random and sporadic at times.

Most real estate agencies are geared towards the seasonal aspect, and in Melbourne, that is spring.

But we now live and operate in a global economy. It's worth considering that when it is spring in Melbourne, it is autumn in Beijing and Asia is now a very important market force.

Property is a global commodity and the Asian market is impacting markets from London to New York - it's a market that is only going to get stronger in the future. It’s not a local market any more - there are hot spots all around the world. Asia, and specifically China, are deploying funds and investing in property around the world. Melbourne is one of the preferred destinations due to the quality of education and lifestyle as one of the worlds top 10 cities.

Everything has changed and you cannot do the same things now that you did 20 years ago - it won't necessarily work anymore. 

Andrew Fawell is director of Beller Property Group. 

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