Schoolies are on their way to a rental near you: Risk mitigation tips

For property managers, landlords, and short-term rental owners, schoolies can understandably be a significant time of stress with young high-school grads likely resident in your properties, particularly around coastal and holiday areas.

Recently, schoolies have been warned not to trash apartments, and while it can be a nervous time, much damage can easily be avoided with some simple risk mitigation and ground rules, according to Archers Body Corporate Management senior body corporate manager Michael Ryall.  

“To assist with preventing any misbehaviour or tragic events unit owners should revisit their behaviour management plan and schoolies ‘House Rules’ now,” said Ryall, noting the majority of graduates are actually well behaved.  

Sending the rules to school leavers early, to ensure they understand expectations, can be a quick and easy way to stamp out any issues.  

“A body corporate has control over the common property but cannot independently take action such as locking doors to restrict access to areas within a single lot,” he said.  

“If owners are looking to lock balcony doors they should discuss this with the resident managers of their buildings.”  

With many schoolies concerned about getting their bond money returned, he said that it’s unlikely trouble will occur, however resident managers on site should be enforcing the house rules.

He suggested some of the following guidelines:

  • No glass bottles in the room or pool area (bag checks can be carried out by onsite security)
  • Maximum of two external guests permitted to the room at any time, with identification held at reception (this restricts likelihood of parties)
  • Noise must be kept to a minimum
  • Dangerous behaviour will be dealt with by police

“Any damage made to the room or contents during a stay will come out of the bond amount. If schoolies encounter problems, the best way to come to a resolution is to talk to the accommodation provider with respect,” he said.  

“Accommodation providers are required to have a complaint handling process and schoolies are entitled to lodge a written complaint if they feel that they have been treated unfairly.”  

Tips for schoolies looking to get their bond back:  

  • Obtain a receipt, find out when the money will be paid back and how any potential disputes will be resolved
  • Become very familiar with your house rules and responsibilities under the accommodation’s booking conditions and make sure you and your friends abide by them
  • Inspect the room very well as soon as you arrive and report any damage as soon as possible. Take photos of any damage or marks so you have a record
  • Be present and attentive during the check-out inspection and talk to the accommodation provider about the final report
Source: Archers Body Corporate Management  

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke was a property writer at Property Observer

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