The top 1% of house sales across capital cities: RP Data

Property ObserverJuly 13, 20130 min read

RP Data has researched the entry point price for the top 1% of homes across the capital cities.

numberonejuly11 Sydney's top 1% of homes begins at $3.3 million

numbertwojuly11 Melbourne's top 1% of homes was $2.3 million.

numberthreejuly11 Perth's was $2.29 million.

numberfourjuly11 Darwin's top 1% of homes was $1.73 million.

numberfivejuly11 Canberra's was $1.7 million.

numbersixjuly11 Brisbane's top 1% starts at $1.57 million.

numbersevenjuly11 Adelaide's was $1.45 million.

numbereightjuly11 Hobart's top 1% of homes kicks off at $1.03 million.

Source: RP Data News Ltd papers

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