From renovation to investment: Summer reading

Property ObserverJanuary 10, 20130 min read

Are you ready to undertake a renovation, buy or sell in 2013? Are you looking for property inspiration? Here are some books to take with you to the beach or read on your balcony as summer evenings linger. 

And don't miss part one of our summer reads list. 

Jane Slack-Smith reminds property investors that they need to do their demographic research before writing that buyer's cheque in her book Your Property Success with Renovation published by John Wiley & Sons.








Gerry Karidis defends the property development profession in his book Building Always Building: The Life and Times of Gerry Karidis







 Property investor Swarnie Condon talks about her first resort investment, which was not all smooth sailing, in the book Journeys Along the Property Path: 12 real life stories of 12 property investors, published by Inspirational People in Property. The book is aligned with Club Cares and is donating $10 from the sale of every book, hoping to sell 8,000 books and donate $80,000. So far $4,610 has been raised.




Margaret Lomas advises investors look at property as a long game, rather than a get-rich-quick scheme, in her book Investing in the Right Property Now

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