Mortgage broker network joins the call for super access for first home buyers

Mortgage broker network joins the call for super access for first home buyers
Mortgage broker network joins the call for super access for first home buyers

A mortgage broker network claims that allowing first home buyers to dip into their superannuation to make a deposit on their nome could benefit the housing finance and superannuation markets.

A number of industry bodies have supported Independent Senator Nick Xenophon's proposal to change restrictions surrounding superannuation access for first home buyers, including the Housing Institute of Australia (HIA).

According to 1300HomeLoan managing director John Kolenda, Xenophon's propsal could have a positive impact on the housing market but would require restrictions.

“Anything that can help first home buyers get into the market to buy their first home is a good thing,” said Kolenda.

“First home buyers have had a number of factors stacked against them in recent years and they are the least active sector of the home finance market despite record low interest rates.

“Many have difficulty saving for the necessary deposit and they haven’t been helped by rising real estate prices and first home owner grants restricted to new houses.

“The plan from Senator Xenophon deserves consideration and they can set parameters around it such as a maximum withdrawal from a super fund of $25,000.

“If first time buyers are allowed to access their super for a home loan deposit you might actually see people contributing more money into their fund, which will be beneficial to the superannuation sector.

Kolenda said first home buyers should also consider other options, like assistance from their parents.

“First time buyers who have minimal savings should realise they can get help from their parents or other family members to help secure a deposit,” he said.

‘Under the family equity guarantor’s support policy, parents or another immediate family member can help a first home buyer purchase a property.”

Xenophon's proposal is similar to schemes already in place in Canada, New Zealand and Singapore.

While 1300HomeLoans, the HIA and the Real Estate Institute of Australia have shown support for proposed changes to super withdrawal regulations, other industry experts have highlighted drawbacks to the scheme, such as increasing house prices and depressed superannuation earnings.

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