House Rules: Bomber and Mel get the boot after own home challenge

House Rules: Bomber and Mel get the boot after own home challenge
House Rules: Bomber and Mel get the boot after own home challenge

After being tasked with fixing a zone in their own home, South Australian couple Bomber and Mel were eliminated from Channel 7’s House Rules.

Each team was given 24 hours to return to their house and fix up a zone previously renovated by another team.

Bomber and Mel, who have been dating for the shortest time of the couples, were sent home after fixing up their home’s kitchen, dining room and their daughter Kaitlin’s bedroom.

The zone was originally renovated by Townsville couple Maddi and Lloyd, who installed a teal splash back, complete with black paint splashes in the kitchen, and painted Kaitlin’s room black. Although Bomber and Mel attempted to instil more of their “junk shop chic” sensibilities in their fix up, they couldn’t do enough, with judges Joe Snell and Wendy Moore awarding them just 10 out of 20.

Adam and Lisa were awarded the second lowest score of the night by the judges with a score of just 12 out of 20. They chose to fix up the laundry, hall and guest room that had been previously renovated by eliminated Tasmanian couple Brooke and Grant. Adam and Lisa were the underdogs at the start of the season, but it seemed that their luck had changed after they were awarded the first ever 10 out of 10 score for their renovation of Lloyd and Maddi’s kitchen.

Unfortunately they reverted back to initial form this week, with the judges declaring that they had chosen the wrong zones to fix.

Western Australian couple Russell and Carol took on the laundry and master bedroom of their home, which was originally renovated by Melbourne couple Candy and Ryan. They managed to uphold their house rule of “vintage lux”, tearing down a plywood bedhead that Candy and Ryan had installed and replacing it with an old Balinese door. The judges decided that though they excelled in their master bedroom makeover, their finishing touches weren’t up to scratch. They were given 14 out of 20 for their effort.

Townsville’s Maddi and Lloyd did their best to undo the Brooke and Grant’s work on their master bedroom, walk in robe, and deck. While the judges liked their bedroom and deck makeover, wallpaper woes continued when Townsville presented limited wallpaper options at 24 hour notice. Though the judges were glad the couple had taken down Brooke and Grant’s liquorice striped wallpaper in their walk in robe, their hastily applied mismatching wallpaper wasn’t much better. They scored 15 out of 20.

Previous challenge winners Candy and Ryan, armed with some extra cash, fixed up the zone completed by Adam and Lisa in the first week of the series. The couple tackled the much hated entry, the incomplete study and the family room of their house. They lost marks for barely making a change to the study (beyond purchasing and assembling a desk) but were rewarded for their bright and colourful living room. The judges even liked their glassless framed artwork, with Wendy Moore declaring that the matte finish gave the art an even more contemporary feel – not realising that the couple had accidentally smashed their frame’s glass when transporting the art into the house. Candy and Ryan also scored 15 out of 20 for their makeover.

Next week will see the couples enter the semi-finals of House Rules season two, with each team undertaking garden makeovers. The season’s winning team will have their mortgage repaid in full.

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