Want to join The Block 2015? Here's how to apply

Want to join The Block 2015? Here's how to apply
Want to join The Block 2015? Here's how to apply

If you’re renovation-friendly and not camera-shy then you could have the chance to join in with Channel 9’s The Block next year.

They’re asking whether you: “Think you've got what it takes to turn rooms with no walls into stunning spaces people would pay millions for?”

If, like many of us, you “sit at home on your couch and think, ‘I could do better than that’,” then here’s your chance to take part – applications are now open.

They’re looking for teams of two – long-term couples, family teams and enduring friendships – and note that you must be aged between 18 and 65, be energetic and have a sense of humour. While we're not sure anyone can maintain a sense of humour while camping on a renovation site, it obviously helps to have one to begin with.

You will be unable to work during the shoot period, and you need to be available for 10 to 12 weeks of filming in late-2014 (exact dates, and location, are still to be confirmed). But, as you'd know if you've been watching, don't expect it to be less stressful than your current job.

The first week of filming will see the couples, as usual, whittled down to the final participants.

You don’t need to have previous home renovation experience, but it is an asset, they note. Property Observer recommends questionnaire experience with filling out hefty online dating profiles.

Australia-wide submissions are accepted, and you will be paid a nominal weekly fee during filming to cover your basic living costs and expenses.

You have to apply online, at which time McGregor Casting reviews your applications for inclusion. They then contact shortlisted applicants in September 2014.

So what does the application involve? Get a bowl of popcorn, because it's pretty extensive - and will be amusing to fill out for interested teams (some deep soul searching happening here).

Question and answers

The online application involves putting in your personal details (name, address and the usual mumbo jumbo), your next of kin, your height in centimetres, whether or not you have a criminal record, whether you are able to work in Australia and whether you have children (their ages, and if they live with you full time, plus the arrangements you will make for them if you get on the show). They will also undertake a federal police check.

You are asked about your living arrangements.

You are then asked to describe your team member in one word. Then, explain how they would describe you, again, in one word.

The next discussion, amusingly, is what causes an argument and who the first is to make up. You must then describe the best and worst times in your relationship, what your “theme song” would be and why, and your strengths and weaknesses.

Feeling a little akin to a first date, the application form then continues asking “What is your dream job?” and “What makes you happy/angry?”

Your team mate then fills out the same thing.

If this is feeling a little intrusive, you might not suit the show. The next part asks about you as a “team”. The nature of your relationship, how long you have known each other and how you met.

It wants to know what you do for fun and your plans for the future.

Then we start hearing about design – what is your style, and your influences, renovation experience and the “worst thing for you” when renovating. They want to know the roles you play in a crisis and how you respond when things don’t go well. Television experience is also asked about.


You need to upload three photographs of your home that “should indicate your design style and taste” and two “everyday” pictures of your team, not including wedding photographs, and specifically no sunglasses.

Video upload

You are then required to submit one video, which they call your “first challenge” for the show. If you’ve managed to hack through the questionnaire, then you might think otherwise.

They ask you to “Be inventive, show initiative, catch our attention!” and do so in no more than five minutes.

It must include both of you, and suggests that you use the application questions as a guide to discuss. They want one of you in front of the camera at all times.

You are asked to talk about each other, and explain why you’d be ideal Blockheads.

“Please show us your renovations/home, but make sure we can see it clearly. Give an idea of your style and renovation experience,” the guidelines state.

Everything in your application (photos, questions and video), according to the Ts and Cs, must be your own work and you give the rights to Nine Network Australia and McGregor casting.

“In return for my assignment of rights in the Materials, Nine consents to me retaining a copy of the Materials for my personal use on the condition that I do not directly or indirectly offer to sell, hire, distribute, reproduce or otherwise use or authorise the use of the Materials for any commercial purpose or provide a copy of those Materials (or any part of them) to any other media organisation, outlet or platform without Nine’s prior written consent,” it explains.

You’re also agreeing to a release that they can use any of the information throughout the world “in any way in any media” without further consent or payment, regardless of whether you are successful.

“I agree that to the maximum extent permitted by law Nine will not be liable to me for any loss or damage or injury to me, my property or my reputation caused or suffered in connection with the making and use of the Recordings or my participation in the selection process for the Program,” it notes in the ‘release’ section.

After this, McGregor Casting may invite selected participants along to further stages of the process and to answer detailed questionnaires and to sign confidentiality undertakings and releases.

It notes they will not contact unsuccessful parties.

You have until July 6th to apply.

If you're keen, then click here to apply.

If you want to study up about The Block first - check out our tips, tricks and summaries here.

Here are some past video applications:

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{qtube vid:=EMtGxnSGuQA}

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke was a property writer at Property Observer

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