Conveyancers ring ‘overcapitalising’ alarm bell

Conveyancers ring ‘overcapitalising’ alarm bell
Conveyancers ring ‘overcapitalising’ alarm bell


Australian buyers are living beyond their means and overcapitalising on property purchases in a desperate attempt to enter the market.

New research by GlobalX notes 67 percent of conveyancers and property lawyers believe buyers are overcapitalising and leaving themselves at significant risk, with 60 percent warning Australia is experiencing a property bubble.

While the steady increase of land and property value in recent years had kept buyers optimistic for positive returns – the sector had become increasingly wary about the long-term stability of continued growth.

Housing affordability is a generational problem in Australia and, with 65 percent of respondents indicting housing is now unaffordable for Australia’s middle class, we need to look at ways to rectify this escalating issue.

One recently proposed solution that has caused great debate is the suggestion that young Australians should be able to dip into their superannuation for property investment.

Like the political divide, the industry is also split on this issue, with 54 percent of conveyancers and property lawyers disagreeing with the proposal, and almost 46 percent championing the idea.

There is no one solution that will suit everyone’s agenda, desires and position on this, so we need to focus on ways to reduce overinvestment to avoid devastation and crippling debt if – and/or when – the property bubble bursts.

When looking to overseas investment as an indicator of increased competition and higher pricing, 42 pe cent of conveyancers and legal professionals believe the level of foreign investment will increase.

We also asked whether Australia should ban foreign investment to help ease housing pressure and received some polarising results.

Around 47 percent of respondents wanted to see foreign investment restricted, while 52 percent did not see a ban as a viable solution.

Despite these concerns, new CoreLogic data suggests performance in Australia’s regional housing markets will remain mixed but is expected to cool across the board from 2018 onwards.

Industry professionals were eagerly awaiting the next Federal Budget to see how the government would respond on this issue.

New South Wales has been vocal in its support of addressing this issue and we are now waiting to see how this will be addressed on a federal level, or by other state parliaments.


Peter Maloney is chief executive officer, GlobalX and can be contacted here.

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