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Jonathan ChancellorSeptember 21, 20160 min read


Ever since I was a child I have been interesting in flying, particularly to outer space – hence my decision as a nine year old to become an astronaut.

Because of that and shows like Star Trek, I have always been fascinated with our planet, its place in our solar system and our Milky Way’s place in our universe. We really are just a speck of dust in the universal scheme of things.

Some think that we are an experiment in some alien’s petri dish. A few believe that a higher power – call it what you will – has a lot to do with us being here on the 3rd planet from the Sun.

So when I read an article recently that clearly explained that our world was going to end, and that it would be because of our own Sun, curiosity took over and naturally I read it. Just in case you are interested in the full article, here is the link.

Something you should know though, while the world is going to end, you will still need to pay your bills in this life, because although it is all going to finish, you still have some time up your sleeve. The article says – in summary – that our scientists theorize that in, oh, about a billion years, the Sun will have become hot enough to increase its power and subsequent sunlight by a bit more than 10 percent – which they believe will be enough to evaporate all the water on our planet and increase the temperature at sea level to about that of a raging inferno.

Life as we know it would cease to exist – though this would happen gradually over the millennia. About four billion years later our Sun will have expanded itself enough to engulf Mars and the surface of the Earth will be as fiery as a volcano, if the Earth hasn’t already been knocked out of its current orbit and heading off on a new path to somewhere in the next galaxy.

Kind of makes finding the money for the mortgage payment or your kids new school uniform, perhaps your next holiday or new car, pale in to insignificance by comparison. And most everyday worries don’t have that much meaning if you stand back and consider the big picture.

We strive every day to build a better life for ourselves and our family. We plan for our future, looking forward optimistically to the time when we can have the life that we have always dreamed of – all the while being happy and grateful each day for who we are and what we have.

While our planet hurtles through space to a finite future.

What has this go to do with investing and inspiration to a better life?


No matter that real estate prices have risen, there hasn’t been a better time that today to own your own slice of our Earth. And as Mark Twain has said – “buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” I firmly believe that investing in property is the best way for most people to achieve wealth and to create a better lifestyle.

There has never been a better time than now to make a new plan and set some new goals that will change the outcome of your life.

Life is about change, constant change. Change that is neither good nor bad, it’s just change. How you react to that change will directly affect the quality of your life.

Sometimes you need to look beyond the difficult day you are having or the challenging week or that recalcitrant month or this mutinous year. In all things, nothing last forever and this too shall pass. The key is to keep focused on what is important in your life.

And understanding that one day, it will all be over. Until then, live every day in the best way you can, while you are on your way to the life you have dreamed of.

This is the secret to success on this or any other planet.

Craig Turnbull is an author, property developer and real estate investor. He can be contacted here.

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Jonathan Chancellor is one of Australia's most respected property journalists, having been at the top of the game since the early 1980s. Jonathan co-founded the property industry website Property Observer and has written for national and international publications.
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