Property 101: Planning for your first investment property with Wakelin Property Advisory's Jarrod McCabe

Property 101: Planning for your first investment property with Wakelin Property Advisory's Jarrod McCabe
Property 101: Planning for your first investment property with Wakelin Property Advisory's Jarrod McCabe


When planning on investing in property for the first time it is important to prepare yourself for the six main steps in any property journey (establishing finance, asset selection, negotiation, settlement, property management and portfolio review).

With thorough research and preparation you can go from a novice to a property owner in three or so months.

Month one

First things first: you should settle on your objective. In doing so, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is it that I am after? Am I entirely investment focused?
  • What’s my budget?
  • When am I looking to buy?

To help you answer these questions seek the advice of a financial advisor to establish a financially viable budget and repayment plan that won’t leave you with unmanageable debt.

With your objective and budget determined start on your desktop research. This should involve studying the property market in your intended area and its surrounds. Those searching within two to ten kilometres of the CBD should pay particular attention to the auction/sale results, lifestyle factors, property types, capital growth and rental demand. It is also a good idea to visit your local library to access newspaper archives on past auction results and sale prices. This will give you an indication about whether the area you are looking in is one with proven capital growth.

Month two

Now is the time to get off the computer and take what you have learnt from your desktop research to auctions. Visit open for inspections and upcoming auctions for properties that are similar to what you are after in terms of location and property style. Doing so gives you knowledge of the current market and an up to date grasp of what fits your budget.

It would also be advisable to take this time to secure a conveyancer and if the property is for investment purposes, a property manager. Selecting a conveyancer before buying allows them to look over the sale of contract prior to the auction or sale. This limits last minute stress in having to find one just before or dealing with any unexpected conditions that may be in the contract.

Month three

You have done the footwork and know what you want to buy; where you want to buy and how you will finance it; and are now ready to find the right property for you.

With everything organised and in place start visiting properties, getting inspections done and attending auctions with the intention to bid. Keep in mind all your research to help keep you calm and in control throughout the whole purchasing process. Remember that while you may not win the first property, you are in the right position, knowledge wise, to find the right one even if it takes a while. 

Jarrod McCabe is associate director, Manager of Property Team, Wakelin Property Advisory.

When is a pre-purchase building inspection a must?  What do they entail?  How does one interpret the results?  What defects can be fixed and which ones should prompt you to walk away. Jarrod McCabe, associate director, Wakelin Property Advisory and Peter Alexander, building inspector, Safehome Building Inspections present a webinar for Victorian home buyers on April 20. Click here to register.



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