Property 101: Four daily habits to help save for a home

Property ObserverMarch 28, 20160 min read

Research from ME shows one in ten Australians are saving to buy a home.

That’s a lot of people working towards the same goal. And it can be done, says Nic Emery, head of deposits and transactional banking at ME. But if you’re struggling to grow a first home deposit, it could be time for a fresh approach. Weaving healthy money habits into your daily routine could be the key to growing a first home deposit sooner.

You see, while old habits die hard, new habits can be formed just as easily. The trick is to anchor new habits to existing habits. 

Use old habits to develop new habits

Research by psychologists confirms that using a non-financial cue like making your regular morning coffee to check the balance of your everyday account, can see the two actions start to go hand in hand. In fact, some people can develop new habits this way in as little as 18 days. It can mean your first home deposit starts to forge ahead in less than three weeks.

Let’s take a closer look at how your current habits can be used to launch some clever new financial habits to get into your first home sooner.

Take the bus to work. Check your budget

Whether you travel by train, tram or bus to work, use your daily commute as a cue to review your budget. 

ME research shows only one in two Gen Y Australians (aged 18-34) – those most likely to be saving for a first home – follow a budget. Yet it is a critical first step that lets you juggle household expenses, pay regular bills on time and still have money for savings.

Grab some lunch. Transfer money into your savings account

Give your savings a boost while refueling your energy levels. Making regular deposits, no matter how small, goes a long way to growing first home savings. 

Be sure to use a dedicated savings account. Over one in ten (14 percent) Gen Ys accumulate savings in an everyday account, and that may mean missing out on valuable interest income.

Head home. Review the days spending  

Only two out of five people keep a written record of their expenses. But this simple step will help you develop a more accurate picture of your spending patterns and highlight areas where you can cutback to free up cash for extra saving.

Tune into your favourite TV show. Check your savings.  

Unwind, relax and use the opportunity to monitor your savings and also your savings account to be sure your money is earning a competitive rate. 

Plenty of savings accounts offer an enticing introductory rate. The trouble is, after just a few months your money could be earning a very low return making it harder to save a first home deposit. 

Skip the hassle of shifting money around from one account to another by choosing a bank that offers a consistently good rate on savings.   

Four daily habits. Four steps to grow your first home deposit. Start today, and with plenty of repetition you can reach your goal sooner. 


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