The top four lessons learnt at AREC 2014

 The top four lessons learnt at AREC 2014
The top four lessons learnt at AREC 2014


Here are the top four lessons learnt by Homely at AREC 2014: 

  1. Agents aren’t limited by talent 

    One of the main messages that was conveyed through the whole conference is that it isn’t about talent. Being a successful agent comes down to hard work and systems. Agents like James Tostevin spoke about having a routine and being dedicated.

    There was a strong consensus that doing the right thing and actively listening to customers is half the battle to being a successful agent. Tostevin ended his speech with the quote ‘Play to your strengths’

  2. The art of prospecting 

    Key note speaker Jordan Belfort (aka 'The Wolf of Wall Street') was engaging and charismatic. Whilst some people were not sure if he should be there, he did leave some good points.

    His main lesson he wanted to reiterate was the four second rule. You have four seconds on the phone to be perceived as an expert and a quarter of a second in person to be taken seriously. If you miss your opportunity on your first impression, you won’t get another shot. Ensuring your appearance is impeccable and your opening lines are engaging is essential for success.

  3. We all have boulders in our lives. It’s how we deal with them 

    Engaging and charismatic speaker Aaron Ralston spoke about how every individual will encounter boulders in their lives. His choice of the term boulders was used in both a metaphorical and physical example after he was trapped and needed to set himself free by cutting his arm off.

    Ralston’s message was that you need to expect to be challenged, but challenges make us stronger and are there for a reason. How you approach them and ultimately overcome them shapes the type of agent you will be, but also human being.

  4. Priorities are the cornerstone to success

    By far a serious contender for the most engaging speaker of the conference was Chip Eichelberger.

    Eichelberger spoke about how priorities are the key to success. He mentioned that so many people get caught up in the minor details of things, whilst dismissing their true priorities.

    He mentioned that you need to listen to the support team around you “Sometimes a good coach doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear” the importance of a good team around you and structure in your approach to business was the main message he imparted.

Finally, one of the quotes that resonated with a lot of people was “Nothing is fun until you're good at it” stated by Eichelberger. In order to make real estate fun, it takes hard word, dedicated, and systems. The top agents will implement a true system that ensures efficiency and helps productivity.

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