Blooming jacarandas accompany unusually late Autumn property sales burst: He Said/She Said

Blooming jacarandas accompany unusually late Autumn property sales burst: He Said/She Said
Blooming jacarandas accompany unusually late Autumn property sales burst: He Said/She Said

One of the oddest highlights of Sydney's late autumn has been the sight of Jacarandas now in flower in Rushcutters Bay, some months before the traditional spring bloom to early summer blooming.

And veteran weatherman Dick Whittaker says his Manchurian pear trees are blossoming too. There are blue berries flowering on the coastal farms.

Sydney secured its 13th straight day above 22 degrees, and 22nd above 20 degrees, to exceed the record of nine for any time in May – set in 1978 and 2007.

The city has another week perhaps at these temperatures.

Melbourne has also been in the midst of a record May warm spell forecast having at least 10 days of 20-degree days.

Auction numbers surge over the next two weekends leading up to the Queen’s Birthday holiday break with over 1,600 properties scheduled to go under the hammer across Sydney, along with record May levels over the next two weekends in Melbourne with over 2000 properties scheduled to go under the hammer, according to Australian Property Monitors.

So our property contrarians Jonathan Chancellor and Margie Blok say take the opportunity of the delightful late autumn garden to take some photos this weekend especially if you are thinking of selling early spring.

HE SAID:jc-silhouette-5

Quite a few of the gardens in homes I've inspected recently are having their second spurt of gardenias.

So take a break from raking the autumn leaves and photograph your house and garden for any future listing. Any pictures taken now can be stored ready for future marketing campaigns. 

mb-silhouette-4SHE SAID:

Jonathan might have spotted the confused jacaranda (pictured above) flowering in Rushcutters Bay, but it's way too premature for a jacaranda cruise on the Lane Cove River.

Not a hint of the purple canopies which of course look superb against the November sky. Plenty of late season hydrangeas (pictured above) and other garden delights.

I did think that a tulip manolia (Magnolia x soulangeana) in a Hunters Hill backyard I saw this week was unusual at this time of year.

The jacaranda flowering - in something like 49 variations including white - produce such a beautiful uplifting effect across Sydney they are forgiven for making a mess during the spring open for inspections.

But now is the time to get some great extra listing imagery - especially if the garden is full of camellia. Rather than delay any auction listing until the garden looks right, these photos can be used to ensure buyers see the place in full bloom, even if it's not the same season. 


Blooming jacarandas set late spring property market ablaze

Trophy home listings and sales on the jacaranda lined avenues of Grafton

Gallery photos: Jonathan Chancellor.

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