Refinancing case study

Let’s see how this works in practice.

Mortgage holders: Michael and Fiona

Loan: $259,000 lo-doc facility with one of the major four banks Interest rate: 6.39%

Other debt: $44,000 (credit cards and personal loans with rates from 9%-20%)

The couple wanted to refinance to reduce their monthly repayments. After a comprehensive discussion with a lender about their current circumstances and goals, they were recommended a loan with a rate of 4.99%.

Savings: $3,200 per annum on their home loan, over $1,300 per annum on their credit card and personal loan debt.

Total: $4,500 per annum

There were costs involved for refinancing their debt; however, it still worked out to make more sense financially.

One-off costs: $265 for a valuation fee, $395 for lender’s legal costs

There were no application or servicing fees, and Michael and Fiona could see how these costs would be outweighed by the longer term savings.

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