Ballarat: Part 3

Ballarat: Part 3

Ballarat was proclaimed a city in 1871, its prosperity continued until late in the 19th century, after which its importance relative to both Melbourne and Geelong rapidly faded with the slowing of gold extraction. It has endured as a major regional centre hosting the rowing and kayaking events from the 1956 Summer Olympics. It is the commercial capital of the Central Highlands and the largest city in the Goldfields region of Victoria—a significant tourist destination. Ballarat is known for its history, culture and its well-preserved Victorian era heritage.

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You may also view Ballarat: Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE

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Peter Maltezos's picture

Stunning! smiley

Sydney, you just have to visit Ballarat when it's snowing one day, just amazing for an Australian city.

Ballarat: Part 3

I collect, therefore I am.

32 Blocks's picture

That looks stunning - thanks Peter. It is a shame one can't predict when it happens, if so I will be there in a flash :)

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